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What can Nara do for you?

We help businesses continuously deliver more personalized and relevant recommendations for products, places and experiences by leveraging the power of deep learning artificial intelligence and the latest advancements in computational neuroscience. Our cloud-based platform is easy to implement and works with almost all enterprise data sources.

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Here's how it works

Until now, personalization technology has been more artificial than intelligent, with companies throwing resources at a problem that really calls for brainpower, not just processing power. Fortunately, brainpower’s at the core of everything we do.

We See What Your Data Is Made Of

Nara starts by analyzing the whole web, and identifying the millions of features and attributes (and attributes of attributes) that make up every person, place and thing that’s relevant to your database, then augmenting it with additional information, reviews and opinions.

We Figure Out What It All Means

Our technology emulates human brain cognition in the way it links and organizes all this data into a single neural network, uncovering pre-existing relationships and building both expected and unexpected connections between entities.

We Learn What Makes Users Unique

Using even just a small baseline of user data, Nara immediately builds rich online profiles for each individual prospect and customer, learning the unique tastes and preferences that define their Digital DNA™

We Turn Preferences Into Personalization

Our brain-like algorithm dynamically matches these unique preferences with your products and services in real time, delivering personalized content recommendations and messaging, and enabling true one-to-one segmentation.

We Make Everything Easy

Nara’s cloud-based neural network is scalable and flexible, so it simply and seamlessly plugs into your existing product and marketing infrastructure to immediately start re-indexing data and improving relevance.

This groundbreaking ability to collect and connect data within a neural nodal network makes Nara the first and only platform to put personalization and the true power of cognitive computing in the hands of every business, everywhere.

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Learn why 95% of consumers preferred the personalized restaurant and hotel recommendations of Nara to sites like Yelp.

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See how we plugged into Singtel to deliver personalized restaurant recommendations and a 300% increase in engagement.

See Nara in action.